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Top 6 Natural Strategies To Help You Quit Smoking!

Learning how to quit smoking naturally is tough, believe me that will be the best thing that you will do in your life. Nicotine is the main trap that keeps you taking another cigarette. Read carefully this steps and help yourself and your body.

Top 6 Natural Strategies To Help You Quit Smoking!


The results from a survey made by Duke University are saying that over 70% of smokers who consume alcohol, coffee, and red meat are enhanced from the taste of cigarettes. Smokers that consumed vegetables, milk, fruit juice and fresh fruits were detracted from cigarettes. The message is very clear, start eating natural food and will be detracted from cigarettes.

Interpret the Craving

Research at Penn State College of Medicine, revealed that over 30% of smokers who are craving for their next cigarette need carbohydrate fix instead. If you take a pack of glucose tablets you will usefully substitute cigarettes with tablets, but if you don’t like the idea to take extra sugar in your body you can substitute tablets with grapes. Grapes contain carbohydrates which will satisfy your craving.


Exercising is the best way to quit smoking. Cyclists are feeling fewer cravings than non-cyclists, and women who dedicate to exercising are better quitters than those who are not exercising or who perform light exercises.


Another approach on how to stop smoking is to massage your hand or ear. University of Miami found that if you take 2 minutes massage every day you will reduce your need for cigarettes. This is related to acupuncture and association of the ear as a micro-system of your body.

Don’t push yourself too much

If you decide to quit with smoking, don’t push yourself too much because you can easily be overwhelmed. Change your diet carefully and after some time work on quitting. Never go for both things at the same time.


Friends that also want to quit can be very helpful. Everything that is made in numbers it’s easier to achieve. 50% of smokers quit thanks to group meetings.

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