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Truth about Cancer: Why This Terrible Disease Is Just Developed in Certain People?

Although it is believed that the genes or any carcinogen substances are the main culprits for tumour development, almost none of these claims is true. In addition, find out why this terrible disease is developed in certain people and in others not.

Namely, it may sound incredible to you, but when it comes to any malignant diseases, the human body is actually a lottery! There is simply no connection with your lifestyle, what you eat or what you are doing, so the reality is cruel, and if you don’t have luck, you will develop cancer.

Even though, many years it has been claimed by the scientists that genes, physical inactivity, poor diet, smoking, and alcohol are the main causes of tumours, the recent studies deny these allegations. According to them, those people who were diagnosed with tumour simply didn’t have luck!

Studies have shown that two-thirds of tumours are caused by cell mutations in their division, which were affected by chance as well as unexpectedly. In fact, it is a phenomenon that is completely out of a human control.

In addition, a person may have a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, and consume a balanced diet, and in this way, the risk of any other health issues is decreased but, it is actually no guarantee that this person would be protected of cancer development.  

“The Independent” reports: Hence, the recent researches that have been testing 31 tumour types, have shown that only 9 of these tumours are related to patients genes and lifestyle, while the causes of other tumours are not related to it.  

According to the U.S. scientists, some types of cancer cannot be prevented therefore the early detection of the disease can be of a great importance, in order to be cured in its first stage.

This was revealed by the researches: “As a result of the fact that now we are familiar with finding that two-thirds of the tumour types occur due to inexplicable mutations in the DNA during the cells division, there are quite a few things we can do in order to prevent the disease.”

On the other hand, lung cancer and also skin cancer can actually be caused by bad habits, for instance: smoking and excessive exposure to UV rays, no matter if is sunbathing or solarium.

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