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Unbelievable Finding – Why You Should Keep the Milk Teeth of Your Child!

A lot of parents perform a special ritual, when their child experiences a milk tooth fall. In fact, they give their children money for the tooth, send it to the so-called Tooth fairy, or just throw it away in order to make them happy.

But, according to the latest scientific research, it turned out that milk teeth are valuable genetic material, which is able to treat a variety of serious diseases.

 It is of great importance for you to know that these milk teeth actually contain stem cells, which have a strong capacity to regenerate neurons, bone, cartilage as well as some heart muscle tissue cells.

Moreover, according to the latest scientific research, it is also able to treat leukemia, multiple myeloma and pericarditis. On the other hand, previously these diseases were treated only by transplantation of bone marrow or other tissues.

In order these stem cells to be preserved the milk tooth should be refrigerated within 48 hours after it fell. Fortunately, in the U.S. and many other states, there are blood banks, naval string cell banks, and also stem cell banks that store genetic materials of children even during their birth. So, in case that child is diagnosed with a serious disease, thanks to these new medical technologies, he/she would be treated.

However, if you cannot afford this storage, or even if there is not such a bank in your country, it is recommended to refrigerate this tooth and keep it there in a frozen state. In this way, in future you may safe the life of your child.

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