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Unbelievably: Placing THIS on Your Navel Can Help You with Cough, Colds, Flu, Abdominal and Menstrual Pain!

When it comes to alleviating a lot of ailments this is probably one of the most effective folk methods. Also, it is super-simple as well as does not require any special effort.

The only thing you should do is to soak some cotton in 50% alcohol and place it on your navel. In this way, you will help in pain alleviation and body relaxation.

Additionally, this method is widely used as a natural treatment in case of sore muscles, colds and flu. Also, it is a much better alternative than conventional drugs.

So, the next time you catch a cold or flu, consider soaking some cotton in alcohol by gently squeezing out the excess and placing it on your navel. You should secure it by using a bandage, or you can just cover it with a cloth or a plastic bag.

It is good to know that the same method can be used in order to alleviate menstrual pain – you should lie down and gently press the cotton with your hands.

Or it can be also used in the alleviation of stomach ache as well as prevention of travel sickness, but for such a purpose you should sprinkle some salt on the cotton and place it on your navel.

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