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WARNING: If Your Child Is Using THIS Sippy Cup, Throw It Away IMMEDIATELY!

Normally, all parents over the world are very careful when it comes to their children. However, it is known that nowadays it is really impossible to provide complete care for small children, because of the hazardous things and “threats” around them.

In accordance with the web-portal Distractify, two mothers from Montreal, Canada, Marie-Pier L’Hostie and Penny Powell, shared shocking photos on Facebook of what was inside their children’s sippy cup lids, what was the reason for the parents worldwide to become mad.


One of this women posted this photo on her Facebook profile:

“My friend, Simon O’kanada, didn’t know the reason for his son’s permanent sickness. Hence, he broke the anti-spill top of his Tommee Tippee bottle and what he found was mold inside the mouthpiece. The worst thing about it is that it doesn’t wash and can’t be seen unless it is broken. After that, he called the company where it was bought from and the lady laughed out loud.“

Mold in the cups of their children was also found by a few other mothers. The children’s sippy cup lids cannot be cleaned by simply wash by hand or in a dishwasher, and thorough and extra careful cleaning is required for them.

The other concerned mother posted this on her Facebook profile:

“People who are using this kind of cups in their homes should be very careful and should drop them immediately. You need to open your caps, remove the anti-spill guard and break it. Then, you will see that mold and the reason that makes children sick. And please, in order to join the other parents who have raised a complaint against the consumer service you should take some photos of it. It cannot be removed neither by dishwasher nor by hand washing.”

Tommy Tippee company responded very quickly by describing the special instructions how the sippy cups should be cleaned. But parents disagree and think that you must drop them immediately if you use them because they cannot be cleaned thoroughly and you should not expose your child to potential illness.


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