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Unbelievable: What Are the Effects of the Negative Thoughts and Emotions on Your Body?

Humans do undergo various emotions, from joy and happiness to sadness and depression, creating a different environment in the body since the body releases different chemicals, depending on the emotion. For example, if the body releases serotonin, oxytocin, or dopamine, then you will feel satisfied and happy. On the contrary, in case the body releases cortisol, you will feel stressed out and even depressed.

You may wonder what happens when you are overwhelmed with negative thought all the time. But, what about feeling positive and optimistic all the time? Or, what if you are indifferent and don’t feel neither positive nor negative?


In fact, it seems that we spend a lot of time thinking and judging what is considered positive and what is negative. Moreover, the brain is a powerful tool and while defining what something is, we start seeing the outcome. Namely, while driving you get cut off, you will either get angry or move on as if nothing happened. It actually depends on the way how you look on something and it applies to all things in life.


Ultimately, it turns out that there aren’t positive or negative experiences and it is all about our perception and the way how we define them. In addition, our perception has the power over the situation and the way that specific situation affects our body. Although we can work to overcome the definitions of each experience and move on, sometimes we simply don’t have the time. So, understanding how particular emotions affect our health is of great importance.


There is a strong connection between the mind and the body, although we cannot visually see it. Furthermore, we can either have positive mental attitude and create healthy lifestyle or have negative thoughts and create an unhealthy lifestyle by failing to deal with the internal problems.


Also, when experiencing pain in certain areas, it is usually connected to some emotional issue. Although it seems strange at first, but in most cases, it is true. For example, in case you are experiencing pain in the back, knees, neck or shoulders, most probably that dealing with your emotions will help you get a relief, contrary to the popular belief that it can be achieved through exercise or physio.


To sum up, you should learn how to process emotions and illness quickly by determining the reason why they occurred in the first place. For example, if you think that you will get sick, the greatest possibility is that you will continue having it until you realize that you have the control over it and everything depends on your own perception.


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