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When He Got Diagnosed With Stage 4 Cancer, His Son Suggested That He Try THIS And It Worked!

Have you ever thought that some people may use baking soda and molasses in order to treat cancer?

We are going to reveal a real life story about a man, Veron Johnston, who used these two simple ingredients and beat stage IV prostate cancer, which unfortunately had even metastasized into his bones.

When this man was diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer, his son made some researches about the disease and what he discovered was that his father should improve his pH levels, because cancer is not able to survive in an alkaline environment. In addition, he didn’t want to be treated by any harmful orthodox therapy and he decided to use a natural way in order to raise his pH levels. This man was recommended to use cesium chloride for increasing the pH, and he ordered it via mail, and he never received it.

Therefore, he tried to find out another natural remedy to solve his problem. In addition, what he found out was that the best natural way of treating cancer is a baking soda and molasses mixture.

The results of his treatment

Vernon wrote each detail about the disease in his diary. Moreover, this man found out that oxygen cannot be tolerated by anaerobic cancer cells and therefore he practiced breathing exercises to help the increased oxygenation initiated by the sudden sodium bicarbonate pH rise.

In other words, fermenting sugar feed the cancer cells while oxygen is not good for their survival. So, it is recommended to use maple syrup that has extremely powerful capacity to allow high pH soda bicarbonate to enter the cancer cells and form an alkaline environment that is able to oxygenate and then kill them.

Vernon consumed this mixture every day and also practiced other beneficial exercises that really helped him. In addition, these two ingredients are so powerful that disable the spreading of cancer cells.

It is of great importance for you to eliminate completely processed foods and sugars, which feed the cancer cells, and contribute to their growth, because it is actually a part of any alternative cancer therapy.

A few weeks later, this man was examined by doctors and he was told that the prostate and bone cancer was completely cured. In 2009, the real life story of this man was published in a local Anza area California newspaper, The Valley News, and today this man is alive and still tells his incredible story.

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