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You Know Onions Are Good For You, But No One Ever Told You Onions Could Do These Miraculous Things!

Onion is a vegetable that is native to Asia and has been cultivated for centuries all over the world.

It is considered that onions are one of the oldest veggies that have been cultivated since ancient times by many cultures.

Apart from having specific taste and aroma, but onions are abundant in quercetin, i.e., an antioxidant that destroys free radicals. They can also help in the treatment of a number of diseases and promoting general health.

This veggie possesses excellent anti-inflammatory effects that are extremely beneficial for treating chronic vomiting, as well as great antibiotic and antiseptic effects due to its abundance in sulfur.

Health benefits of onions:

  •   Balance cholesterol levels
  •   Regulate blood sugar levels
  •   Relieve and cure arthritis
  •   Help in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases

Onions are also an effective natural remedy, which has been used since prehistoric times in the treatment of a wide array of health issues, including:


In order to prepare this cough remedy, start by peeling a larger onion, and then cut it in two halves. Afterwards, a tablespoon of brown sugar should be added on the halves and left for about 60 minutes. This natural remedy should be taken 2 times on a daily basis for treating a cough. The results will amaze you, so why not give it a try?


First of all, make peppermint tea and let it cool off. Next, by using some cheesecloth, you should squeeze one onion and consume 2 teaspoons of the onion juice. After about 5 minutes, consume also 2 teaspoons of the cold peppermint tea. Also, after 10 minutes the same procedure should be repeated. Consider taking this natural remedy until your vomiting symptoms go away. Keep in mind that after 20 minutes, your vomiting symptoms will totally disappear and you will feel a great relief.


For treating fever, you can combine several thin onion slices with some coconut oil and massage your feet with the resulted mixture. What’s more, you can also apply a few slices of onion on your feet arches, put on socks, and let them act overnight. It is a very powerful remedy for treating fever, and therefore it can be used by everyone experiencing such problems.

       4.Chest congestion

Create a paste by combining an onion and some coconut oil. The resulted paste should be applied on the chest, and secured with a shirt or a towel. Finally, it should be just washed off and the improvement will be soon felt.

       5.Ear pain and infections

Chop a bit of an onion and put it in a sock. This should be placed on the painful area and secured with a bandage. It should be taken off if the pain is totally eliminated.


There are excellent antiseptic properties in the transparent skin of onions and it can also prevent skin damage. Moreover, the transparent skin of onions should be applied on a cut, which will instantly stop the bleeding.

Here are other options to use onions:

– The bacteria and viruses in the air can be eliminated by putting onion slices around the house.

– You can prevent freckles by massaging onion slices onto your skin.

– Accelerate hair growth by rubbing some onion slices onto the scalp.

– Prevent insect bites by rubbing an onion onto the skin.

– You can prevent moths by placing onions in clothes.

– Protect the plants from pests and bugs by boiling and spraying some onion juice.

– You can clean and polish copper and glass objects by using onion slices.

Here is also Cherokee Indian onion remedy for treating colic in children. Additionally, boil yellow onion slices in some water, let it cool, as well as drain the mixture. Finally, you should give your child a teaspoon of the remedy on every hour until you notice some improvements.

Plus, you can freely use these onion remedies as the World Health Organization has recommended that this vegetable is beneficial for treating infections, coughs, colds, flu, chest congestion, and even bronchitis.

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