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You Will Get Rid of Cockroaches Forever by Placing a Few Leaves of THIS Plant in Your Home!

As you probably know cockroaches are nasty insects, and everyone can be scared by their physical appearance. These insects are usually related to garbage and dirt, but they can also be seen at home, walking down in your pantry or bedroom.

They can be found anywhere in the world because their power of adaptation is very developed.

Namely, cockroaches are actually one of the most resistant species on the planet since they support high radiation levels and are able to survive without food for more than a month. They eat both, plant foods or other animals. So, we can find cockroaches everywhere, as they feed on anything they find.

As feeding on garbage, cockroaches leave chemical traces through their stool. Therefore, they can easily find sources of water or food.

However, we are going to help you to get rid of these nasty insects forever.

Bay leaves – the most effective cockroaches repellent

Did you know that the bay leaves are actually the best natural cockroach repellent? To explain you more deeply, this herb is not able to kill them, but it can drive them away quickly as the smell is unbearable for the cockroach. So, just place laurel branches in every corner of your house.

It is advisable to place just ten bay leaves in the garden or kitchen and you will never see any cockroaches roaming around. Also, they are ideal for areas where food is stored, for instance kitchen or pantry as they are safe and non-toxic.

Moreover, it is also suggested to place bay leaves in your garden, particularly if you have a pet. Keep in mind – in this way you will keep cockroaches away without worrying about your kids or pets safety.

You can use fresh or dry bay leaves. But the best option is to crush dry leaves and make powder because they release a much stronger smell if used in this way.

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