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Your Brain is FULL of Inflammatory Lymph, Drain it IMMEDIATELY by Sleeping Like THIS!

Dr. Henry Cotton, a prominent psychiatrist, in the early 1900’s, found the world’s most prestigious mental institution that was based on the assumption that depression and insanity were infection-related conditions.

Furthermore, he was famous doctor who usually had been pulling infected teeth out of his patients that have mental issues and in case it didn’t succeed, then he excised their testicles, tonsils, ovaries and colons, as well. This method stopped being carried out after his death. Recently a professor at Stony Brook University claimed that there are several psychiatric concerns that should be considered for some types of infectious condition.

In fact, a great number of evidences supported his theory, and it is considered that Ayurveda have found out it many years ago. According to a research that was published in JAMA Psychiatry in 2013 the three million patient medical records were examined, which showed that almost every hospitalization for an infection was related to a 62% greater risk of later mood disorder development. Also it showed that the risk of the future mood condition development will be raised by 45% in case of having an autoimmune condition.

Another recent study showed that the relation between the brain mood of patients and the immune function was recently given much more credibility. Until now, it has been considered that any lymphatic drainage that regulates the immune response within the human body was devoid of the central nervous system. On the other hand, a research conducted by the University of Virginia showed that the hidden lymphatic vessels, i.e., glymphatics, which are able to stimulate the immune system, the healthy inflammation response, as well as the mood, have a capacity to drain the brain. So, in case the brain or other lymphatic vessels are congested the risk of auto-immunity, inflammation, infection, and also psychiatric problems can be increased.

A subject to a meta-analysis study that has been carried out recently was the association between the mood and inflammation with the poor lymphatic brain drainage, and it showed that if certain serotonin reuptake inhibitors, for instance Prozac, were taken along with small doses of ibuprofen or aspirin, there was noticed less-needed psychiatric care.

According to some other studies mood disorders are linked to increased inflammation markers, such as C-reactive protein, i.e., CRP, which have psychiatric symptoms as a result of congested or poor draining brain-lymph.

Old lymph wisdom

After this study the necessity to extract infected body parts probably will be not necessary.

In fact, Ayurveda put much attention to the lymphatic system, also known as “rasa.” Therefore, it was considered that the lymph is nutrient fluid within a body, which takes the nutritive elements from the digestive tract to the body cells. This process was of a great importance for the immune system as well as the waste elimination. In addition, Ayurvedic therapies were the most commonly used therapy for congested lymph treatment used on a daily basis as the first preventive measure against ill health.

Thousands of years ago, the Ayurvedic texts spoke about the brain lymph vessels, which line the sagittal sinus in the skull. It was believed that they are able to drain the cerebral spinal fluid of the brain. These brain lymph vessels treatments were aimed at deep psychiatric and traumatic-triggered imbalances and also the techniques such as nasya or nasal inhalation as well as many other herbal therapies like asbrahmi and bacopa. Thanks to this finding it is easier for today ̓s researches to find out the needed link in order to connect inflammation, infection, immunity, and mood as well.

Moreover, the lymphatic system also is able to line the lacteals and the intestinal tract, which accumulates the toxins and nutritive elements, especially proteins and fats. You should know that the lymph around your gut or the Gut-Associated Lymphatic Tissue can be congested if your intestinal skin is irritated. According to a lot of scientists this is where 80% of the immunity is placed. So the whole lymphatic system will be congested if the major lymph hub is congested, which happens as a result of poor digestion or stress.

To explain you more deeply, if you have congested lymph, it can support your Skin-Associated Lymphatic Tissue, i.e., SALT, which is able to cause skin concerns litany. While the Mucus-Associated Lymphatic Tissue, i.e., MALT is able to drain all mucus membranes within your body as well as the lymphatic vessels that stimulate your immunity and toxic drainage for each body cell.

How do you sleep?

Stony Brook University conducted another research about the relationship between the way of sleeping and the future chances of developing cognitive issues.

It was published in The Journal of Neuroscience and showed that a body position while sleeping has a great influence on the toxins flushing from the brain though lymphatic vessels.

Furthermore, rodents were used by the scientists in order to test how various sleep positions influence the lymphatic system or the glymphatic system, which is the system that clears the waste from the brain. So if you are lying on your side while sleeping is the most beneficial position for the elimination of toxins from your brain.

Scientists also pointed out that the rodents in the lateral position can clear the amyloid beta about 25 % in a better way than if sleeping on backs or stomach. These amyloid beta proteins have a strong capacity to contribute your brain plaque related to gradual cognitive decline. However, in order to confirm these findings scientists should carry out additional researches on humans.

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