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Your Tongue Is an Indicator of Having a Disease: These Are the Symptoms

Signals of having an illness that are showing in different ways. Maybe you don’t know but the symptoms of illness you can notice in your mouth, especially on the tongue.

Your Tongue Is an Indicator of Having a Disease: These Are the Symptoms

Physicians by the help of the tongue are giving many diagnosis. It can easily tell the sign of cold, hepatitis C, fever, bad intestine performance or headaches. That’s why when we are visiting doctors, first of all they are checking our tongue.

If the person is healthy the tongue’s color is pink and clean, covered with little bumps which recognize taste.

If the tongue is having a red, white or black color, it is indicating that something isn’t right with our body.

The swollen tongue, it may indicates on having an allergy. The dark tongue, usually means extreme antibiotics use or AIDS symptoms.

The long ridges tongue, usually is indicating on sexually transmitted illness, known as syphilis. Sturdy and sleek tongue is telling that you have deficiency of Vitamin B12.

Bumps, sores and sudden tongue bleeding, are the gravest things, which can be seen to a tongue. Unfortunately, in the latest decade, those are the most often indicators of early tongue cancer signals.

Many studies have been made about these problematics, in order to prevent serious diseases by their early discovering, with the help of the tongue’s reactions.

In fact, a software has been designed by a group of Indian doctors, which will help by the use of digital image that is obtained by this software, so the physician can evidently detect the correct and exact color of the tongue, rather is has been some change in its texture, color or bloating language.

For now, this software is recognizing 14 different conditions. However, the doctors are hoping for developing the program as soon as possible, to be able of reading the same figures from our eyes.

Also, the scientists have found, some interesting fact that, the long and thick tongue is a cause of snoring.



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