7 Effective Remedies for Snoring

Snoring is more common than many people would like to admit. Almost everyone snores or has snored at one point in time. It comes as a result of a blocked airway to your windpipe at the throat. In most cases, it is your spouse who will notice the snoring. Snoring conditions can cause inadequate sleep for the person snoring and the spouse. As such, you will suffer from fatigue, sleepiness during the day and other snoring health issues. Luckily, there are remedies which can either help you stop snoring completely or learn how to manage the condition. They include:

Wearing a mouthpiece 

The goal is to clear the airway to the throat for smooth breathing when sleeping. A mouthpiece or oral appliance can help open up that airway to stop snoring when sleeping. According to the experts from Bajars & Bajars, you should consult a dentist in order to get a tailored dental mouthpiece for your snoring condition.

Engaging in exercises to lose weight

For those who are overweight and have a snoring problem, the issue could be with their weight. When fat accumulates at the neck, it tends to narrow the airway and hence the condition. To prevent this, you will need to lose weight and engaging in exercises is the healthiest, most effective way to achieve that.

Sleeping on the side

When you sleep on your back, the parts and other structures at your throat will fall on your airway causing a snore. You will, thus, need to sleep on the side, which will help to position the throat parts and muscles on the side. As a result, it will clear the airway enabling you to breathe more freely when sleeping.

Treating your allergies

Allergies, especially chronic ones, tend to affect the respiratory system causing inflammation of throat tissues. Due to this, the airway becomes narrow and partially blocked, which can cause snoring. Consult a doctor for a proper treatment of your allergies.

Avoiding smoking and taking alcohol

Smoking and alcohol drinking can greatly worsen snoring. Most smokers and alcohol consumers will have this problem. To reduce it, ensure that you do not smoke or drink alcohol at least 3 hours before you sleep. The nicotine from smoking leads to the swelling of the throat tissues which blocks the airway partially to cause snoring, while alcohol relaxes the muscles in your throat which creates a sort of barricade for your airway.

Getting enough sleep

Not getting enough sleep can lead to the snoring condition. It means that in your next sleep session you will be overly tired and thus fall into a deep sleep right away. It can therefore be a root cause of your snoring problem. Due to this, make sure that you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep and become consistent in your sleeping patterns.

Elevating your head when sleeping

Your head has to be higher than the rest of the body to provide unobstructed breathing. You can use an extra pillow to do this or even tilt your bed in such a way that when you sleep your head is elevated. It will help to open up the airway for smooth breathing throughout the night.

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