9 Healthcare Applications for Patients Worth Checking

As healthcare is going digital, patients get access to a variety of useful applications. Even though an app can’t always replace a face-to-face doctor’s consultation, it can improve the overall patient experience and achieve the best treatment results.

In this article, we’ve collected the most useful healthcare applications for patients to know about.

1. WebMD Pain Coach

Chronic pain is one of the top reasons the quality of life decreases. Identifying the cause of chronic pain could be tough. That’s where WebMD Pain Coach comes in. This pain-tracking app allows the patient to record regular pain symptoms. By analyzing this information, it’s possible to identify pain triggers.

The app also allows the user to set goals concerning health-related behavior. It provides a variety of tips and important pain management information. The app is free for both iOS and Android users.

 2. Insight Optics

Insight Optics helps Primary Care Physicians make eye exams during regular checkups. Meaning, you wouldn’t have to go to an ophthalmologist to get your vision checked anymore. This app is especially useful for busy patients, who miss their regular eye expert appointments and fail to maintain a healthy vision because of it.

With Insight Optics, Primary Cary Physicians can take high-quality photos of the retina by using their smartphones. The doctor will then share these photos with an ophthalmologist via a special app. Patients will receive the much-need insights about their eye health right after their annual checkup. They’ll know whether they have to visit an eye specialist or wait until the next visit.

3. Medici

As telemedicine is gaining momentum, patients and doctors understand that many problems could be solved without face-to-face interaction while saving time and money for both. Medici app can simplify remote consultations by helping patients text doctors. With this software, anyone can contact his or her physicians and other specialists regardless of their location.

Providers in the Medici network are available to the patients at a small fraction of the cost they would pay when visiting the doctor’s office. Meanwhile, valuable time could be saved. Patients can use the app to describe their symptoms. Based on the description, the doctor can make a decision about whether an in-person consultation is required.

4. uChek

This app helps patients analyze their urine samples without a doctor’s assistance. By using a smartphone camera and a dipstick, the patient can give uChek sufficient information to measure 14 health parameters to help make a diagnosis and check for early warning markers for over 25 medical conditions.

According to a Dallas software company, Entrance Consulting, this app is intricately designed to make it easy for an average patient to take timely preventive measures.

 5. Digital Pharmacist

While doctors and patients are going digital, so are the pharmacies. Digital Pharmacist makes information about medications readily available to patients. The app helps pharmacists simplify communications with clients by sharing all the necessary information remotely.

Patients are often looking for extensive information about the medications they are prescribed. The source of this data is usually the pharmacist. The time each pharmacy spends on sharing such information could be saved by going digital. The app helps pharmacists direct the clients to the necessary information resources. Meanwhile, it could be used to process prescriptions to make timely refills.

6. EveryWell

The toughest part of doing medical tests is understanding the results. Once the test results are ready, you may need to visit the doctor to decipher what they mean. EveryWell is launching an app that can make test results available for you online.

A patient purchases a test kit, takes a sample at home, and then sends it back to the company. The team of experts analyzes the test and uploads the results to the app. Thus, the patient can have access to important information before going to the doctor. Sometimes, patients need to wait days until they can visit the doctor and learn test results. When the result is important, the waiting could be frustrating. An app can take the frustration out of the equation.

7. TalkSpace

Finding a therapist could be complicated. Today, an app can do it for you. TalkSpace doesn’t just match you with the right therapist, it helps you communicate remotely. You can message your primary therapist at any time and from anywhere. It’s possible to write a text message or schedule a video chat.

This app allows you to save time and money visiting a therapist in person. Meanwhile, you can schedule sessions for the most convenient time for both of you.

8. Aetna

This high-quality app allows you to manage your health benefits without leaving the comfort of your own home. Aetna allows finding the most suitable healthcare provider near you, find out what the costs of consultations and procedures are, review and pay claims, and get access to your medical ID card. Meanwhile, the app collects information about you and provides recommendations for health improvement.

Patients covered by Innovation Health under Aetna can download this application for free. It’s available both for iOS and Android.

9. Epic’s MyChart

MyChart is one of the most popular healthcare apps, which allows you to communicate with the healthcare provider remotely. The application helps patients to track their health, talk to their doctors, review test results, and much more. It synchronizes with Apple’s Health app, importing data from the latter to the former. As a result, the healthcare team gets access to your health data via electronic medical records.

The application also allows patients to confirm doctors’ appointments and pay medical bills timely without face-to-face interaction. They can also view their healthcare summary at any time.

All of the above apps are designed to improve the patient’s quality of life while saving time and money on visiting doctors and hospitals. 

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