Restore Your Jawline With MyEllevate Necklift

Are you looking for a facial rejuvenation procedure that can give you similar results to a facelift or neck lift without the hassle of extensive downtime and recovery periods? MyEllevate™ treatments may be right for you. You can rejuvenate and restore your jawline without having to go through an invasive surgical procedure, all with MyEllevate™ at Rejuvalife Vitality Institute in Beverly Hills, California.

Ground-Breaking Facial Rejuvenation Procedure

MyEllevate™ can help you rejuvenate and restore your jawline for a beautifully refreshed appearance. With no downtime or recovery period associated with a traditional facelift or neck lift, MyEllevate™ can take years off of your appearance without any of the hassle.

MyEllevate™ is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that lifts sagging skin and tightens weak muscles around the neck for a smoother appearance and more sculpted jawline. MyEllevate™ uses the ICELED® surgical suture system to refine the neck and jawline area and take years off of your appearance. While MyEllevate™ can be performed alone, Dr. Berger may recommend receiving gentle liposuction under the chin in conjunction with your MyEllevate™ procedure for the ultimate contoured look.

During the procedure, after local anesthesia has been introduced to the target area, Dr. Berger will then carefully introduce the ICELED® suture system into your desired treated area. The entire treatment process does not require the use of cutting or general anesthesia, and typically takes about an hour to complete.

MyEllevate™ treatment at Rejuvalife Vitality Institute with Dr. Berger has benefits such as:

  • Tightens loose and sagging skin around the neck and jawline
  • Contours the jawline for a more chiseled and defined appearance
  • Long-lasting results for up to five years following treatment
  • Minimally invasive procedure with little to no downtime or recovery period
  • Can be performed in conjunction with gentle liposuction under the chin

After the Procedure

After the MyEllevate™ procedure is performed, it is normal to experience mild swelling, bruising and tenderness in the treated areas. These side effects typically resolve on their own within three to five days of treatment. Patients are able to return to their normal daily activities immediately following their MyEllevate™ treatment. The results of your MyEllevate™ lift will be visible immediately following the appointment with desired results lasting for up to five years.

Reach Out to Dr. Berger at Rejuvalife Vitality Institute

Interested in MyEllevate™? Dr. Berger will discuss the details of your treatment including the cost at the time of your one-on-one consultation. For your convenience, we offer multiple financing options to keep your treatments as affordable as possible.

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