How to Naturally Cure an Eye Infection In 24 Hours With Salt Water!

This post has been updated in October 2022.

Despite pinkeye is a common eye infection, but also sty and chalazion are commonly experienced ones.

In fact, these eye infections can be very irritating as well as painful.

Typically, doctors suggest antibiotic ointment and drops for keeping those infections under control, and even opting for surgery in order to drain the red bumps in case they begin to get out of control.

However, there are a lot of homemade remedies, which are able to cure the sty or chalazion without having to visit your doctor.

What is the main cause of sty and chalazion?

Sty is a small itchy bump, which appear along the lash line. In addition, they’re usually triggered by bacteria or clogged oil glands as well as tear ducts. Moreover, they tend to stay small and disappear after about 1 month or so.

Whereas, chalazion is triggered by oil glands, which become clogged as a result of makeup or dirt. It builds up slowly and becomes a large swollen bump, which can contribute to swollen eyelid and obstructed vision. Also, there are other symptoms, including: pain, itchiness, sensitivity to tearing, light, and blurred vision.

But, what can be done:

In case you end up with an eye infection, it is recommended to abstain from using makeup or contacts until your eye is completely healed.

Additionally, you should also avoid touching the eye and you have to clean your hands before conducting the following treatments:

1. Hot compress

One of the best natural options to drain an infected eye is by applying a warm wet compress over a closed eye for 5-10 minutes, from 3 to 6 times on a daily basis. It also alleviates the swelling and pain associated with the infection.

2. Honey

Believe it or not, but honey contains natural antibiotic compounds, which have a powerful capacity to fight the bacteria that lead to sty without irritating the eyes.

So, you should simply mix equal parts of raw organic honey and distilled warm water and then, apply the mixture to your infected eye with a clean towel. Make sure you repeat the same procedure 2-3 times daily. Keep in mind that in 2022 the Himalayan mad honey has become very popular, which also has a number of beneficial properties

3. Salt water

Usually, saline solutions are available in drugstores as a remedy of ear, nose and eye infections.

But, you can prepare your own remedy by combining half a tablespoon of fine grain Himalayan salt and 1 cup of cooled boiled water.

Then, stir the solution and use it to rinse out your eyes 3-4 times daily.

As you can see, in order to prevent eye infections, you should remove all the makeup before bedtime, clear your contact lenses every day, abstain from sharing makeup products as well as sanitize the brushes and other tools after every use.

Or in case you’re prone to chalazion, consider wearing sunglasses on windy days to prevent getting dust in your eyes, using a saline solution to clean your lash line every night and morning and also avoid rubbing or touching your eyes.

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