5 Ways To Use Lavender Essential Oil & Its Healing Benefits

Lavender essential oil is a favorite amongst aromatherapy lovers thanks to its numerous health benefits. With benefits such as pain relief and improved hair health, many people are turning to this essential oil. Here are some benefits of lavender oil and ways to use it to achieve them:


Anytime you need to wind down or relax, you can count on lavender oil to help you. This essential oil has calming effects on the mind and body. According to studies, you can use lavender oil to lower your anxiety levels and treat mild sleep disorders. In the past, lavender was also used to deal with mental health problems.

If you suffer from insomnia, depression, restlessness, or anxiety, you can also use lavender essential oil to treat the conditions. Overall, it will work to create a calming environment for you. You can use lavender in the following ways:

  • Add it to your diffuser at night before bed
  • Rub into your palms and inhale
  • Sniff it from the bottle
  • Place several drops on a tissue and inhale
  • Add a few drops to a lotion and rub it on your feet before bed

Healthy Skin

If you are looking to make your skin healthier, you should use lavender essential oil because it has antiseptic properties. Lavender is used in bath products such as bath oils and salts for relaxation purposes. If you love taking hot bubble baths, you will definitely enjoy adding lavender to your bath water.

Here are several ways that you can use lavender oil to improve your skin:

  • Add a few drops of lavender oil into your bath and inhale deeply as you wash yourself
  • Use a carrier oil to dilute lavender essential oil then apply it to the area of your skin that you want to improve
  • If you suffer from dry skin, you should dilute lavender with a carrier oil and apply it to the specific areas

Disinfecting Cuts and Bruises

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Lavender is a great product to use for mild skin irritations such as light acne, burns, and cuts. This is because it has anti-inflammatory properties that help in keeping bacteria at bay. You will also notice that the wound will heal faster than it normally would.

However, you should not apply undiluted lavender oil to open wounds, as this might irritate it further. If your skin is sensitive, you should mix lavender with jojoba or coconut oil before applying it to your wound. You can use it by diluting in water then applying to the affected area.

Alleviates PMS Symptoms

Even though PMS is common amongst women, the symptoms vary from one woman to another. If you are dealing with annoying PMS symptoms, you should try lavender oil aromatherapy. It does a great job of uplifting your mood when you are feeling low. When it comes to alleviating PMS symptoms, there are several different kinds of lavender oil uses, including:

  • Putting a few drops on the neck and wrist pulse points
  • Adding lavender oil to your diffuser and inhaling it all day
  • Getting a lavender oil massage

Relieving Sore Muscles and Joint Pain

As a relaxing and calming herb, this oil works great for joint pain and sore muscles. Not only does this essential oil calm your aroma nerves, it also gets straight into your achy muscles to work its magic by increasing your circulation. When you massage it into your skin, you will be able to relieve your joint pain and sore muscles by taking the stress out of your body.

Here are the best ways to use lavender essential oil:

  • Mix a few drops of lavender oil with a carrier oil of your choice and massage the mix into your sore muscles and joints.
  • Add the oil into your bath water and lay in it for a few minutes until you feel your muscles relaxing.

These are just a few of the many uses of lavender oil. It is one of the most versatile essential oils and you can use it for many things: beauty routine, relaxation, and treating wounds. Just make sure that you speak to your doctor first before you start using it.

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