Urology: Most Common Health Conditions

Urology is a branch of medicine which deals with health conditions that arise out of the urinary functions of a body, through the kidneys, bladder, urethra, and many more. Multiple urologists also act as health specialists for men performing in various ways as the male equivalent of the gynecologist. If you are facing a urology issue, then make an appointment with a specialist and get it checked out immediately at Orlando urologist. Otherwise, you may develop significant health problems, such as infertility, prostate cancer, kidney stone, and many more. For more information, let us discuss the most common urology related health problems:


Incontinence occurs when the muscles surrounding the control of the bladder weaken, leading to dripping or full urinary accidents. Though this health condition is more common among women, incontinence also prevails in older people of both sexes. No doubt there exist several medications on the market to cure incontinence. However, apart from medicine, you must also perform a litany of things, such as changing the diet, exercising the muscles, and finding a strict schedule on which to go to the bathroom to improve the muscles control.

Urinary Tract Infection

The other urology related condition which is more common in women is the urinary tract infection. A buildup of bacteria in the urinary tract, typically in the bladder or lower part of the urethra is responsible for this infection. In this condition, while urinating, you experience a burning sensation and often feel the need to go to the bathroom even if your bladder is empty. More severe cases of this disease can lead to blood in the urinary stream. Generally, doctors prescribe antibiotics to fight the infection. However, the patient can assist in the fight by taking in lots of fluids.


Infertility is a condition when a couple is unable to conceive after having regular unprotected sex. Generally, the medical science defines infertility as not even expecting after twelve months of regular sexual intercourse without the use of birth control. Infertility is another problem considered under the broader urology umbrella which occurs in couples for a host of reasons, such as low sperm count, mumps, cystic fibrosis, genetic factors, and many more. To cure this, you must change your lifestyle along with proper medication.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a uniquely male condition which restricts the ability of a man to sustain an erection for a suitable length of time. Generally, most physicians prescribe Viagra as a solution for erectile dysfunction. However, in some cases, it is more useful to find the cause of the dysfunction rather than merely treat the symptoms. As, generally, it is the individuals who smoke and possess low testosterone levels that suffer from erectile dysfunction.

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