The Beginner’s Guide to Vaping

Let’s start this beginner’s guide to vaping from the basic question, ‘What is vaping?’ Simply put, vaping is defined as the act of inhaling vapor, produced by an electronic cigarette or a vaporizer. The inhaled vapor is produced from materials like e-liquid, dry herb, or concentrate. Vaping is one of the fastest growing industries in today’s world. It is especially popular for being a healthier and better alternative for typical cigarettes. 21% of the total smokers in the United States now do vaping along with orthodox smoking.

The first e-cigarette was created by Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist in the year 2003. Vape pens first entered the markets of the US in the later part of 2006.

In spite of its benefits and countless studies which have been done on what is vaping and the effects of vaping, the majority of people are of the view that vaping is hazardous for health. There are a number of myths surrounding vaping which need to be busted.

Myths about Vaping

  •      A research conducted by Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center, Greece in 2013 analyzed the effects of both e-cigs and tobacco cigarettes on arteries. According to the research, while tobacco cigarettes result in the stiffening of arteries, e-cigs do not leave any negative impact on the arteries.
  •      Regular cigarettes have a cancer-causing agent, tar. Tar constitutes of more than 70 carcinogens and is produced when the tobacco in cigarettes is burnt. E-cigs, on the other hand, do not have any tar in their vapor. They only have regulated amount of nicotine which does not cause any harm to its users. Henceforth, vaping can never cause cancer in its users and is not harmful to the body.
  •      Another concern voiced by vaping critics is that vaping encourages non-smokers to smoke and thereof is increasing smoking in the world. But the truth is that vaping helps smokers in quitting smoking in a healthy manner. By switching to vaping, they stop inhaling tar and thus their chances of getting cancer and such diseases are decreased significantly.  

What is an E-liquid?

The general misconception is that e liquids are some mysterious liquids that are dangerous for health. This could not be farther from the truth. Two of the most common myths are:

  •      A popular opinion that all e liquids contain large amounts of diacetyl in them. Diacetyl is a chemical, which is used for adding flavor in foods. Though some e liquids do have regulated amounts of diacetyl in them, not all of them have it.  
  •      Another myth is that e liquids have antifreeze in them. The reality is e liquids do not consist of antifreeze.
  •      Third myth surrounding e liquids is that they constitute of formaldehyde. It happens when a vaper keeps on vaping even after experiencing a dry hit. Rationally, any vaper after experiencing a dry hit stops vaping immediately.

E liquids are composed of four components: vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, nicotine and flavorings. Let’s take a detailed look at all of these components.

Vegetable glycerine

Vegetable glycerine or VG is a diluting agent. It is used to thicken the consistency of the e-liquid and make it more satisfying. Vegetable glycerine is made with vegetable plants such as soy, coconut oil or palm. The property of a pure VG is that it is odorless and colorless. Moreover, its taste is a bit sweet.

E liquids that have a high dose of VG make bigger and denser clouds of vapor. Professional vapers opt for e liquids with high levels of VG.

Propylene glycol

Propylene glycol or PG is also a diluent. It is responsible for giving the throat the hit that vapers get from vaping. People who are chain smokers are mostly habitual of the throat hit. When they switch to vaping, PG provides them with a healthier alternative to the same throat hit. This is why PG e liquids are pretty popular among smokers who have started vaping recently.

E liquids that have a high amount of PG are not very thick and the clouds formed as a result are not big either. Although PG is labeled safe and non-toxic by FDA, some people develop sensitivity to PG.


As the name suggests, flavorings are used to add some taste or flavor to the e-liquid. When you buy an e-liquid and it has strawberry or lime taste, it is because of the flavorings.


Main Parts of E-cigarette

The main parts of an e-cigarette are:

Battery: It is the most crucial part of an electronic cigarette. It provides a battery to the vape pen.

Coils: Shaped in a coil, they are small pieces of wire. Coil of an e-cigarette is responsible for converting e-liquid into vapor.

Wick: A wick is made of a number of materials like twisted silica cord, ceramic, cotton, stainless steel etc. Wicks deliver e-liquid from the tank to the coil.

How to vape e-cigs

There are a number of ways by which you can vape e-cigs and get the most out of the experience. The two most popular methods:

Mouth hit

The mouth hit, obvious from its name, is the type where you inhale vapor directly into your mouth before it is passed through to the lungs. It is usually used by individuals who are habitual to smoking filtered cigarettes and thus are familiar with it.

Lung hit

In the lung hit method, you draw vapor into your lungs directly. The vapor does pass through your mouth but it does not get held there. This method is mostly used by experienced vapers who want to blow huge vape clouds.

Tips for Beginners

Vapors who are just beginners right now should start with devices that have low output. They should also start with e-liquids that have a low amount of nicotine in them. Ideally, the resistance of a coil should be more than 1.0 ohms. You can try Longhornvapor starter kit, it is the best vape kit for beginners.

To avoid any kind of problems, refrain from vaping in restaurants, bars or any confined places. People might get uncomfortable because of the vapors around them.  


You can vape e-cigarettes whenever you feel like it. As they are not harmful to your health, you don’t have to worry about damaging your health in any way. If you are a chain smoker and for years have been trying to quit it, switch to e-cigs slowly and see the difference yourself. Although it would take you months to completely switch from tobacco cigarettes it would certainly be worth it. Also if you have never tried smoking and vaping fascinates you, you should go for it and see why everyone is addicted to it.


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