The Five Most Popular Pastimes in Retirement

As more and more of us get older, one question is almost inevitable, what will we be doing during retirement?

Gone are the days when growing older and retirement was seen as a time to relax and while away the rest of our days. Nowadays the concept of retirement has changed, and 21st-century retirees do not see retirement as the end of life but more as the beginning of a new stage of life.

Retirement could be a time for you to have experiences on your bucket list. Here we will share a few of the most rewarding past times for senior citizens.


When we retire, we instantly get more free time than we have had in decades and a good way for us to make the most of our newfound free time would be to visit as many new places as possible.

You do not have to visit extravagant locations; you can visit that park across the country you have heard so much about, you can hop from one European city to another on a budget; you can visit old friends and make new ones on the road.

Travelling also allows you the opportunity to meet new people, learn a new language, make new friends and experience new cultures.


An excellent way for you to give back to the less fortunate would be to volunteer or support a cause that you are genuinely passionate about.

If you are having trouble figuring out what causes are worth supporting, keep in mind that the UN included 17 goals that we need to achieve before 2030 in their Sustainable Development Goals released in 2015.

Donating your time and effort towards solving a social issue you are passionate about is one of the best ways you can spend your retirement.


Exercising has numerous benefits to the overall well-being of individuals, and exercising gets even more critical the older we get.

An excellent way for you to get the most out of your workout sessions would be to work out with like-minded individuals in your age group.

When living  in a lifestyle village or resort , you get more opportunities to socialize and exercise with other retirees.

You can take up cycling, jogging, calisthenics, aerobics, walking, golfing and everything in between. The activity you take part in is not necessarily what is important but staying active during retirement is essential.


Retirement is the time for you to do all the things that you have been unable to do due to time constraints. You might not have picked up a paintbrush since your elementary school art class, or you have been an avid knitter for some time, retirement is the time for you to let loose and let your creative juices flow.

A few of the most popular arts and crafts ideas include bead making, pottery, painting, Chinese ink painting, knitting, photography, modeling at your local art college, woodworking and everything in between.

The beauty of being an artist is that you can do whatever you want as long as it makes you happy.

Plan your Estate

This is a topic that a lot of retirees would rather avoid, making end-of-life plans can be unsettling and remind us about the inevitable.

It is essential for you to get all your affairs in order, so when you eventually make the transition your loved ones will not be weighed down by decisions about your estate. This also avoids any family infighting.

Talk to professionals and family members to enable you to make an informed decision on how best to handle your estate.

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