Portable Aromatherapy – The Ticket To Your Happier Life

For generations, people have known about the bounty of plants provided by nature to cure us of whatever our problem was.

Before we go any further, we must mention this. Children under the age of six are still developing their autoimmune system. Use of essential oil could cause problems. Unless you are under close doctor supervision and following his instructions exactly, please do not use essential oils on children this young.

As society evolved, we learned more to doctors and the prescriptions they provided. This had to have a role in the problems we have today with super-viruses that will not respond to medication and the dependence on drugs that is affecting the entire world.

New “Old” cures

When you were a child and coming down with a cold or congesting, did your grandmother ever put a couple of drops in a steaming tea kettle? In a little while, you could breathe easier and you smelled of peppermint or eucalyptus.

This is the same thing as our diffusers today. You add a drop or two of the aromatherapy oil in a diffuser and soon your cold does not bother you anymore.

When a woman dated someone, you would smell a little lavender on the lady. She would rub a drop or two on her wrist and it put her and everyone else in a calmer and more relaxed mood.

There are essential oils for almost anything.

Tea tree oil is a great treatment for boils, acne, cuts, and abscess. Rose oil is a good treatment to calm your hormone issues. You can find over 100 essential oil uses here.

How are we better off now?

Nowadays, we can buy high-quality essential oils already produced and ready to go. Take portable diffusers with you when you go out of town and treat yourself to a relaxing evening. Essential oils can be consumed in your food or drink, rubbed directly on the skin. It can be placed in special pieces of jewelry so if you are ever stressing, simply raise the necklace to your nose and inhale.

You can buy wonderful soy candles which have oils built into them. In your office or hotel room, simply light the candles, run a tub of warm water and add the oil of your choice. You will relax and get a good night’s sleep.

Get fired up for your meeting

Okay, you got your good nights rest and now you have a room full of clients to wow, What essential oil will give you that focus? Where will you find that pep in your step? How are you going to blow some minds? Here are some great choices:

  • Peppermint
  • Lemon
  • Wild orange
  • Basi’ Rosemary

Essential oils come in balm form. You can rub it on your lips, soften your hands. You can dilute the pure oils in coconut oil or almond oil.

Old Wives Tales

Many people think putting essential on the bottom of your feet will not allow the essential oil to get through the thick skin. The same is true with elbows. If the skin is too thick it will not give the oils time to work.

There are plenty of places to put the oils that will work.


Once you have concentrated your oil, keep the oil in a dark bottle, sealed, and kept cool.


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